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A Fully Connected Smart Cities Traffic Management Platform.

LYT’s real-time, cloud-based platform improves traffic flow for emergency operations, transit operators, urban planners, cities, and riders.

Want to find out how LYT's artificial intelligence technology could connect directly to your city's infrastructure with no additional hardware?

How LYT.speed improves transit performance without any added field hardware.



Shorter Travel Times



Reduction in Emissions



Fuel Savings



Added Field Hardware

LYT.speed Is Smart

LYT.speed learns and reacts to real-time changes in traffic conditions to maximize improvements to mass transit.

Traffic Sensitivity

LYT maximizes transit route performance while minimizing the impact on other traffic.

Better Everyday

Our AI learns from past traffic patterns and gets better every day, further enhancing its real-time performance.

LYT Speed
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Powerful Tools

LYT’s platform provides powerful tools to improve how mass transit flows through traffic.

Control Outcomes

Powerful settings enable operators to setup bus priorities. Select between rapid, headway adherence, or schedule adherence for any route without ever leaving your desk.

Real-time Insights

Our web portal gives you a live view of your network empowering you to make real-time decisions.

Analyze and Understand

Generate reports and use data like a pro to solve key issues. Dive into transit stop times, average speed, and intersection delays.

Fix Operational Issues

Discover when and where operational issues occur along every route in your network.

Cloud Based

A web portal that lets you see and interact with transit signal priority like never before. Let data guide the roll out and make educated decisions.

control LYT Speed

Want to learn even more?

Read about LYT.speed's improvements to Valley Transit Authority's Route 77 in San Jose, CA.


The LYT Difference.

CATEGORYLYT.aiCurrent GPS Solutions
Configure the system in under a daycheckmarkbad mark
No hardware at intersectioncheckmarkbad mark
Doesn't require setting up GPS bounding boxes for each traffic lightcheckmarkbad mark
Doesn't require ongoing field maintenancecheckmarkbad mark
View real-time activitycheckmarkbad mark
Real-time analyticscheckmarkbad mark
Make configuration changes from anywherecheckmarkbad mark
Interoperability between vendorscheckmarkkinda mark
Free software upgradescheckmarkbad mark

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