You can’t have smart cities without smart traffic lights. Traffic lights are the only technology that effectively manage the flow of traffic on our roads. By optimizing traffic lights at intersections, we make our urban spaces more responsive, resilient, and conducive to the well-being of everyone in the community.

Continuously Optimizing Traffic with ML

Easy Traffic Management with Bird’s Eye View

Save Money by Using Existing Hardware

Customizable for Your Needs


Always Improving

LYT.speed is built on our over 100 years of industry knowledge and experience. The platform is a NextGen, cloud-based hardware agnostic artificial intelligence and machine learning traffic management platform. What makes our solution the best is that it keeps getting better. With machine learning algorithms in place, our platform continuously learns traffic patterns in your community, allowing traffic engineers and transit planners to have the data they need to optimize and plan for the future successfully.


The best part – this all happens without the need for additional field hardware. Our algorithms can efficiently and effectively manage your city’s traffic flow through our secure cloud. With a simple Maestro device at your city’s traffic management center, you can use your existing infrastructure, including CAD/AVL system, to securely connect to LYT.speed. We work with every major hardware provider.

Travel Analytics Portal (TAP)

Real-Time Analytics

It gets better – within seconds of being set up, you can access over 100+ data sets from several different input feeds through the Travel Analytics Dashboard. With LYT.speed, your agency’s traffic management operations are enhanced with the ability to be proactive rather than reactive.

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