Enable your snow plows to safely and efficiently travel through intersections without the need to stop

Quickly Clear the Roads

Save Money

Improve Operations & Safety

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Improve Traffic Flow

Snow plows are given the wave of green lights to help clear roads quicker and get traffic flowing at normal speeds sooner. Snow plow operators will be able to continue clearing the roads without the need to slow down or stop at each intersection.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Each time a snow plow stops at an intersection, the chemicals used to help clear the roads are released in excess unnecessarily, which creates a build up and deteriorates roads faster, while also releasing more toxins into the area. With LYT.snow, snow plows are able to reduce the amount of chemicals used, therefore reducing the environmental impact and saving money.

LYT.snow snow plow preemption
LYT.snow snow plow preemption

Streamline Operations

Snow plow priority significantly enhances the efficiency of snow plow operations. With the strategic allocation of green lights along their routes, snow plows experience uninterrupted passage through intersections, eliminating the need to slow down or halt at each junction. With LYT.snow, operators can confidently clear roads faster than ever before.

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