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LYT’s Next-Generation, Cloud-Based Mobility Solutions for Cutting-Edge Cities

Cities all across North America are discovering the power of cloud-based transit priority and preemption solutions. LYT is leading the way by combining these solutions with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Learn how some of our customers are finding success by unlocking the potential of open-architecture cloud-based technology in their cities today.

LYT Customer Success Stories

Tempe Fire Improves Safety and Response Times with LYT

Tempe Fire Department implemented LYT.emergency to improve the safety at intersections. We visited the Tempe Fire Department to see first hand how the streets of Tempe, Arizona are benefitting from LYT.emergency. Tempe Fire’s Firefighter Noe Salazar shared just how much our solution is a game changer for the area based on his first hand experience…

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Fremont Fire Video

Fremont Fire Improves Response Time with LYT.emergency

Fremont Fire Department had difficulty getting across a main part of town quickly, so they looked to LYT.emergency to improve response times by 62% We visited the Fremont Fire Department in Fremont, California to learn more about how LYT.emergency has helped their response times and safety. Fremont Fire’s Battalion Chief Kyle Adams shared just how…

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City of San Jose

City of San Jose Finds Success with LYT

Listen to hear how the VTA and the City of San Jose have benefited from LYT.transit and the Travel Analytics Portal We sat down with Ho Nyugen, City of San Jose ITS Manager, and Eric Lee, City of San Jose Associate Engineer, to learn more about how they have seen LYT.transit and the Travel Analytics…

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King County Announcement

LYT to partner with King County in Washington for NextGen TSP

LYT.Transit NextGen Transit Priority Solution Will Leverage AI & Machine Learning To Improve Efficiency and Reliability Across Major Seattle Transit Routes   LYT has been awarded its largest regional deployment of transit priority solution, LYT.transit, through a new 10-year contract with King County Metro (KCM) and a total of ten traffic agencies throughout the greater Seattle…

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Seattle Fire Department truck

Emergency vehicles made safer in Seattle with LYT.emergency

In and around the University of Washington, LYT aids local fire department to build a safer community for all. Project Specifics: Traffic controllers: Yunex Traffic, Controller Firmware SEPAC Version 5 Communication to signals: Fiber Fire Department vehicle locations: Sierra Wireless Fire Department dispatch information: Pulsepoint LYT will provide the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) with…

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Fremont Fire Department get LYT.emergency

Faster Fire Response Times Across Town in Fremont, Calif.

As the fourth largest city in the Bay Area and home to major companies like Tesla, Fremont has grown rapidly over the last five decades. Initially five separate cities joined as one; Fremont’s envious location in the Bay Area makes it ground zero for population growth. But with that growth came lots of traffic congestion.…

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Improving Emergency Response Times in Folsom, Calif.

Many know Folsom, Calif., from the old Johnny Cash song “Folsom Prison Blues.” But the suburban town just east of Sacramento also faces challenges with a growing population and traffic congestion. The consequence of which has been delayed emergency response times. With only two main thoroughfares through town, traffic builds up in many areas that,…

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Delivering Faster Bus Rides through Downtown San José

San José, Calif., the Capital of Silicon Valley, has long been home to technology innovators, such as Intel, Adobe, and Western Digital. But the city’s transit infrastructure has often taken a back seat to the its car-centric design, leading to a frustrating experience for transit riders on their bus and light rail systems. The Valley…

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trimet bus

Moving 10,000 TriMet Riders a Day in Portland

The city that’s the home to counter-culture, the legendary Powell Books, and the famous Blue Star Donuts also plays host to one of the most technically advanced bus routes in the world. The FX-2 (Frequent Express) high-capacity bus service from TriMet carries over 10,000 riders a day between downtown Portland, Ore. (Division Street, SE Portland)…

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Better Transit for a Diverse Neighborhood in East San Jose

In the heart of Silicon Valley lies the culturally diverse and heavily populated area of East San Jose. Its residents are heavy users of transit, but have traditionally faced slow moving buses due to traffic signal coordination that wasn’t optimized. The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), in partnership with the City of San José,…

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Speeding Up Transit in East Palo Alto

The city of East Palo Alto is located about 30 miles south of San Francisco, in the heart of the fast-growing Silicon Valley. Through explosive population growth and lack of affordable housing, area roadways have become extremely congested with commuter traffic, slowing down transit buses and increasing travel delays across the board. Compounding the problem…

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California State Capitol - Sacramento

Clearing a Pathway in Rancho Cordova

For decades, emergency vehicles in the Sacramento, Calif. suburb of Rancho Cordova struggled to reach incidents scenes along a notoriously congest main boulevard through town. Despite having a competitor’s optical-based hardware preemption system in place, first responders struggled to get through intersections, until the local fire agency and city engineers chose to pilot LYT’s next-generation,…

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