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A Perfect Fit for Traffic Management Resellers

Get on-board with the next generation of traffic preemption and priority solutions. LYT works perfectly as a stand alone solution or packaged with other ITS or TMS solutions. Help your customers become smart cities with aggressive pricing and setup that takes just days.

Cutting Edge Technology

Instead of installing old strobe lights and a cabinet full of hardware, LYT is the only company using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to accurately predict traffic flow.

Unparalleled Expertise

With over 100 years of combined experience, we’ve seen virtually everything in the traffic management space. In fact, LYT solutions are made to integrate with some of the most popular traffic controllers on the market.

Rock Solid Support

LYT supports partners every step of the way. Direct contact with decision makers means you can close deals with minimal delay. Backed up by world-class marketing support, LYT can help you win contracts with our unique technology.

Rewarding Incentives

LYT has created a rewarding partner program that supports you every step of the way while you promote the industry's most advanced traffic solutions.

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