Keep tabs on your traffic signals.

Gleaning actionable insights on your traffic signals shouldn’t require you to move mountains. LYT.status helps you to gain real-time insights into your networked traffic signals.  Know when signals are activated or when sensors aren’t working.

Real-time Insights & Analysis

Our web portal gives you a live view of your network empowering you to make real-time decisions. Easily generate reports and use data like a pro to solve key issues.

Improves Over Time

Our AI learns from past traffic patterns and gets better every day, further enhancing its real-time performance.

Drive Efficiency with a Single Click

LYT maximizes preemption and priority performance while minimizing the impact on other traffic.

Control Outcomes (LYT.transit)

Powerful settings enable operators to setup bus priorities. Select between rapid, headway adherence, or schedule adherence for any route without ever leaving your desk.

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