Jason Samose

Business Development Manager


Jason is LYT’s Business Development Manager. Jason has helped others achieve their goals throughout his career by introducing innovative technology solutions. From tracking the evolution of digital advertising and content management across multiple platforms to introducing private-sector networking products and services to public-sector decision-makers, Jason has recently focused on Smart City initiatives, including connected mobility and public safety systems. At LYT, Jason works with various public agencies and industry partners to introduce the LYT platform and associated services.


2022 to Present
Business Development Manager – LYT

2021 to 2022
Fleet Sales Account Executive – HAAS Alert

2018 to 2021
Independent Consultant – Various

2016 to 2018
Business Development Director – HAAS Alert

2016 to 2017
Business Development Manager – SIGFOX

2015 to 2016
Enterprise Account Executive – Xevo