Steven Karr

Member, Board of Directors
Steven Karr


Steven Karr co-founded Guayakí Yerba Mate, a leading sustainable, regenerative, organic beverage company in 1996.  With a keen eye for graphic design and intuitive feel, Steven infused Guayakí’s brand with a distinctive visual identity that resonated with consumers, learning from years of serving the product on the road from an RV with his brother and the other cofounders. In later years, he leveraged social media platforms to engage with the community and promote the community’s excitement and deep resonance with the brand’s values. Additionally, he built and managed web based sales, marketing and digital advertising to expand Guayakí’s reach.  All five partners are still active in the business going 28 years strong. In 2021, Steven became a cofounder of, an online peer to peer marketplace for adventure sport gear.


2024 – Present
Member, Board of Directors – LYT


2021-Present Cofounder and Board of Directors



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