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Each year, countless people worldwide will celebrate the closing of one year and the start of a new year.

From celebrating with friends and family to attending lively parties or events, many have traditions they adhere to. However, one thing most will fail to account for is that dreaded trip to the emergency run or accidents of any kind, for that matter.

That is why first responders of all types are gearing up for the New Year’s Eve celebrations by making sure they are prepared, and the team here at LYT has come up with a quick list to help your locality do just that!

3 Tips to Help First Responders Prepare for NYE

While the New Year marks rest and relaxation for some, it can also mark a time of partying and enjoying the nightlife for many more.

In addition to being the last and subsequent first day of the year, NYE is the 5th busiest night for emergency room and hospital visits (and the most active period for auto thefts). That is why first responders need to be ready for anything and everything!

Here are some useful tips!

1. Refuel & restock vehicles

Most emergency response centers and law enforcement stations have ongoing protocols for refueling and restocking. However, with a possible uptick in the volume of calls and the need for multiple responses in some areas, it is vital to have extra supplies on hand and be prepared for some worst-case scenarios.

2. Prepare for the worst!

Celebratory fireworks, gunshots, and excessive alcohol consumption are just a few things that can take a party from bright to grim in a hurry with the susceptibility for accidents. Various estimates show the number of alcohol-related vehicle accidents/fatalities will increase on New Year’s Eve.

Excessive drinking and improper firework safety can lead to quite a few issues, so consider having extra first responder staff on your deck. Hospitals will often bring in extra nurses for New Year’s Eve festivities!

3. Have a clear path

While many emergency response teams have a route or plan in place, a clear path always helps with reducing emergency response times and arriving quicker to an emergency situation.

For first responders, their response times can mean a matter of life or death in some cases, and LYT can help with their emergency preemption technology. By harnessing artificial intelligence, LYT can help provide a consistent green for emergency personnel so they can arrive quickly and safely.

Installation of the technologies can be done without replacing existing stop lights, and for a demo or to learn more, contact the LYT team here.

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Note: This blog post is part of our on-the-road series, which is designed to help motorists, traffic managers and everyone in between with common road safety tips & transportation information. Got a question or topic you would like to know more about? Reach out to us and let us know!

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