LYT is excited to announce that HAAS Alert, a lifesaving mobility solutions company focused on making vehicles and roads safer and smarter, has entered into a partnership with us to enable public safety fleets to deploy true preemption capabilities in any vehicle. Together, making emergency response and roadways safer in communities everywhere.

LYT’s EVP solution, known as LYT.emergency, produces a consistent and reliable green light for every emergency vehicle more affordably than other products on the market. HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud collision prevention solution delivers real-time notifications from active emergency vehicles to nearby motorists over cellular networks.

Through this new integration, emergency vehicles equipped with Safety Cloud will now also be able to communicate directly with LYT’s EVP solution.

Read more about the announcement in our press release or on this page. And check out more about LYT’s solutions. Schedule your free demo today to learn how LYT can bring next-generation traffic management and mobility solutions to your city in just days.

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