If you live, work, or travel on a TriMet bus between Gresham and Downtown Portland, get ready for a faster ride starting September 18th.  The Division Street Project will speed up the bus ride across town, bringing more frequent transit service and a more reliable ride.


At the center of the project is LYT’s Transit Signal Priority solution, LYT.transit, bringing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to intelligently optimize traffic signals and keep buses moving. By learning ridership patterns, traffic movements, and other points of roadway data, LYT is helping TriMet, the City of Portland, and the Portland Bureau of Transportation better optimize the roads and improve the Division Street ride, all while minimizing the impact to surrounding intersections.


Learn more about the project and our press release detailing LYT’s work in the Portland and Gresham communities.


(Photo and video courtesy of TriMet)

Tell us where you’d like to see faster transit in Portland!


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