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LYT’s Live Saving Deployment Featured in ITS International

LYT’s Technology Featured on ITS International Blog

Santa Clara, Calif., — LYT’s EVP Product Helps The Fremont Community 


Lyt’s smart traffic solution is to move emergency vehicles and first responders through intersections faster along the Fremont Boulevard Safe and Smart Corridor project in California. Lyt says average daily traffic volumes on Fremont Boulevard range between 25,000 and 40,000 vehicles per day.


According to Lyt, the emergency vehicle preemption (EVP) solution produces a consistent and reliable green light for every emergency vehicle more affordably than other products on the market.These solutions harness the power of a single secure edge device installed in traffic management centres that enable emergency vehicles to speak directly to networked traffic signals in cities through the Lyt cloud platform, the company adds.

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