LYT.transit’s signal prioritization technology moves bus transit vehicles through congested intersections faster, safer, and more intelligently.  


Santa Clara, Calif., – August 11, 2022 – LYT, a leader in intelligent connected traffic technology solutions, announced today it has received an official award from the City of San Jose for the expansion of its LYT.transit solution, increasing from 20 traffic signals to 142 signals throughout San Jose. Within the next few months, LYT will be prioritizing Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) bus at 15 percent of San Jose traffic signals. 


LYT.transit’s signal prioritization technology moves bus transit vehicles through congested intersections faster, safer, and more intelligently. Harnessing the power of a single-edge device installed in the Traffic Management Center (TMC), bus transit vehicles speak directly to networked traffic signals through LYT’s cloud platform. This results in a consistent and reliable green light for every bus transit vehicle in the network. 


Key to this technology is LYT’s ability to know when to prioritize and activate a traffic signal. LYT’s system uses automotive data in an actionable way as it takes a broader traffic pattern ecosystem into account to have an impact on other surrounding signals, not just the one signal that traffic is heading toward. 


The expansion of intersections will take place through two of San Jose’s busiest thruways – VTA Route 66, Milpitas to South San Jose; and VTA Route 68, Downtown San Jose to Gilroy (Only the San Jose portion). As these are two major routes throughout the city, the potential to further expand to the remaining major arteries is significant, thanks to 90% transit coverage by the  VTA. 


“It’s a top priority of ours to make transit an attractive choice for San José residents and visitors, and this technology will help us ensure that bus travel is efficient and reliable,” said John Ristow, Director of Transportation for the City of San José. “As supported by our draft Transit First Policy, centralized transit vehicle priority will give transit users additional peace of mind, while making headway toward our Climate Smart San José goals and ensuring safe and efficient travel for all users of our busy roadways.” 


“VTA has long advocated for signal priority to allow us to move passengers more seamlessly through the county,” said Carolyn Gonot, VTA General Manager/CEO. “We know this innovative solution will benefit not only our customers, but our community.”


“Our cloud-based transit priority system takes the global picture of a route into account and uses machine learning to predict the optimal time to grant the green light to transit vehicles at just the right time,” said Tim Menard, CEO and Founder of LYT. “It minimizes the interference with crisscrossing routes and simultaneously maximizes the probability of a continuous drive. We are thrilled to expand our partnership with San Jose and look forward to helping further increase the flow of traffic in the region.” 


LYT.transit allows cities to build upon current investments in infrastructure to deploy a city-wide transit signal prioritization. To enable safe and secure connections with traffic signals, each city receives just one device, called Maestro. It is a computer that resides at the “edge” and serves as the secret link between city traffic signals and the LYT platform. It is designed to securely manage the information exchange between traffic lights and our cloud platform and is the only additional hardware necessary. 



About LYT 

LYT is an intelligent connected traffic technology provider that offers a cloud-based platform that orchestrates today’s Intelligent Transportation Systems. LYT’s AI-powered machine learning technology enables a suite of transit signal priority and emergency vehicle preemption solutions that utilize pre-existing vehicle tracking sensors and city communication networks to dynamically adjust the phase and timing of traffic signals to provide sufficient green clearance time while minimally impacting cross traffic. LYT is headquartered in Silicon Valley and serves municipalities across the US. Learn more at




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