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It is just a bus, or is it?

When using public transportation, most are not considering the appearance of the buses they routinely ride from one stop to another. Easy access, comfort, and the occasional wifi connection are typically the most pressing needs for most public transit users.

However, there are instances where you might get to ride on some strange buses depending on where you live in the world. To be clear, we are not talking about the tricked-out school buses turned party buses.

Instead, we will share with you some of the most unusual, strange, and unique public buses you might find yourself on when you visit the next nearby city!

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7 of the Most Unusual Public Buses

1.) The World’s Longest Bus

Chinese long public bus

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The largest country in the world – China – would, of course, have the largest bus in the world as far as operating capacity goes. Considered the world’s longest public transit bus, this unique five-section bus can hold up to 380 passengers at one time!

2.) A Unique Bus From India


india public bus

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Nothing says nostalgia like riding on this public bus in India that almost looks and feels just like a school bus from your past. While cities across the world are making strides in the green energy department when it comes to public transportation, this flat-faced bus with golfcart windows is definitely one of a kind!

3.) Another Long Bus


256 public bus

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If you ever visit Dresden, Germany you can hop on another caterpillar like a public bus that can house up to 256 passengers at a given time. While it doesn’t quite reach 380 like #2 from above, this slinky bus can handle turns a tad bit better with just three sections instead of five!

4.) The World’s Longest Electric Bus


Photo Link

Perhaps renaming this article to, “The World’s Longest Buses” would seem more appropriate at this point as the theme of uniqueness is quickly being replaced by long. Regardless, the multi-sectional buses are quite interesting and go figure China happens to have the longest bus and also the longest electric bus. With a massive need for public transportation, China first introduced this electric bus in Shenzhen, Guangdong province at the end of 2019.

5.) Singapore’s Hulk-Like Three Door, Two Story Bus


singapore public bus

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Don’t get confused by the Hulk-like green color, this is still a public bus. With a unique third door for easy loading and unloading, the double-decker bus you see in this photo happens to be 1 of 100 found in Singapore.

6.) The Triple Decker

triple decker bus

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You’ve seen double-deckers, you’ve seen long buses, but did you ever think you would see a triple-decker bus?

What sounds like a really bad advertisement for a burger at a popular fast-food chain, “The triple-decker,” is actually not a real thing. At one point the concept was brought to life, but only for a small section of the bus in 1932.

The safety, aerodynamics, and practicality (think getting under low bridges) prevent the idea of three-story buses from really coming to fruition. While certainly a cool idea, three levels on a bus is not a practical one.

For now, you will just have to keep riding multi-sectional buses or two-story buses. Of course, even if your city’s public transportation doesn’t have a super cool bus to ride on, the goal is to simply get from point A to point B safely!

7.) The Dublin Airport Bus


Dublin airport bus

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If you happen to be visiting Dublin Ireland in the near future you might find yourself needing to get to the airport. Whether you decide to get there in a taxi or by bus, if you chose the latter you might find yourself in this unique, loud, and large two-story bus coined the “Dublin Bus.”

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