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Every so often, there are major technology shifts that change how we live.

Consider the eras of personal computers (PC), the smartphone, social media, and user-generated content, and now 5G.

5G is short for a fifth-generation mobile network and it is expected to have a massive impact over the next ten-plus years including adding $13 trillion to the global economy. Many companies see 5G giving users the ability to access peak data speeds with low latency.

The peak speeds and less lag also mean more reliability, a larger network capacity, and increased availability for all!

Put another way, we will be more connected with better experiences due to the connectivity of 5G. Significant investment has gone into making 5G technology a reality and with the inception of the technology in 2019, coverage is expanding daily.

Below are five areas where 5G will impact your life the most, for the better.

Five Areas of Impact of 5G Technology on Your Life!

1. Artificial Intelligence

Does 5G make artificial intelligence better or does artificial intelligence make 5G better? In many cases, the two will work for hand in hand together.

AI 5G will open up new possibilities with regard to mobile data and mobile services, virtual reality, and augmented reality. While there are still some hurdles to clear when it comes to mobile service providers using 5G and integrating AI, the future is promising with both working in conjunction with one another.

Imagine a transportation management system in a city with more network efficiency and capacity because of both 5G and AI.

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2. Smarter Cities

Speaking of smarter cities – whether it’s a city’s ability to respond fast to an emergency or spread critical communication needs, smart cities will see a positive correlation between 5G and a smarter city.

  • Public transit will be faster and more efficient due to transit priority communications
  • Emergency response times will decrease with a synced transportation network capacity
  • Enhanced mobile broadband
  • Societal and environmental benefits are made possible (smarter cities will have a more positive impact on the environment).
  • Better ride-sharing abilities, energy use, and even predictive maintenance

3. Connected Devices

More connectivity can mean a lot of things, from better security to fewer social challenges. 5G networks provide more capacity and reduced latency (meaning it’s faster to send data).

It is estimated that the average smartphone user will use 11 GB of data per month by the end of 2022. More capacity is not just a positive of 5G, but it is essential to sustaining so many technological advances.

Being “More Connected” is a recurring theme in day-to-day life, but 5G will expand connectivity to new industries never connected before!

4. Data Centers

Updating the infrastructure of existing data centers and networks is a short-term negative for a long-term gain. Data centers will increase network capacity while reducing costs.

Incorporating AI alongside 5G will result in a shift from cloud-scale data centers towards localized, low-latency services according to a Data Center Dynamics article.

Of all the listed impacts on your day-to-day life in this article, the one that faces the most challenges but won’t directly impact you daily is data center operations.

5. Efficiency

Mission-critical services will benefit from the efficiency made possible by 5G. Think of military branches or even emergency response times and how efficient communication can lead to quicker actions.

Beneficiaries of the efficiency provided by 5G include:

  • Smart homes,
  • Smart factories,
  • Public safety operations,
  • Fleet management and inventory,
  • Energy & utilities
  • Agriculture

Imagine a precision agriculture system that mitigated waste and automated its processes? Or smarter factories with fewer emissions and better-connected devices between the factory and its workers?

Many sectors are already utilizing automation to become more efficient and 5G capabilities only figure to make things better and cheaper. With the ability to connect a large number of sensors to virtually everything, industries can use less data, power, and mobility – meaning budget-friendly communication solutions!

The Verdict on 5G –

5G technology is being rolled out and it is only going to improve over time with more implementation, but how will that impact your life?

From autonomous vehicles to remote surgeries, 5G technology with its lower latency, high speeds, and connectivity is going to move everyone forward over the next decade.

Businesses, consumers, government, and cities will see greater efficiencies with more connectivity, changing how we all live our lives!

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